A Sialogram uses an injection of contrast dye into the salivary ducts in the floor or cheek of the mouth to check for blockages and other pathologies in the ducts.

The dye is X-rayed as it is passes through the ducts. The study is performed by a Radiologist and takes approximately 15 minutes.

This procedure is available at the following Dr Jones & Partners locations:


You are asked to lie flat on an X-ray table with a small flat cushion under your head. The radiologist will place a small cannula into the salivary duct of concern by asking you to open your mouth widely. A bright light or torch and magnifying equipment may be needed to see the ducts as they are very small. Sometimes a small amount of lemon juice is squirted in your mouth to open the duct and make the placement of the cannula much easier. You are asked to close your mouth once the cannula is in place. A small amount of tape around the cannula tubing will also help hold the cannula in place against your cheek. You will be asked to remain very still when the contrast is injected as the ducts are very difficult to see on X-ray if you move. It takes just a few seconds to take the necessary pictures. The dye will pass into the duct and you may feel a little pressure. You may get a small amount of dye in your mouth and this is perfectly safe.

Before your Scan

No specific preparation is required. You are free to eat and drink before and after the procedure. If you are on any special medication or have diabetes and are on insulin, take your usual medication and diet.

Please inform us if you have an iodine allergy or are pregnant.


A Sialogram takex approximately 15 minutes.

Other Information

After the injection, the contrast used can be a little sticky to touch. Gently clean the skin with a damp flannel or cloth if you have some residual contrast near your mouth.

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