Diagnostic X-Rays are used to give your Doctor important information about a particular medical condition.

X-Rays have energy that can penetrate deep into and through objects. An X-Ray image is made when radiation passes through the body and is received on a detector on the other side. X-Rays are electrically generated and are only present while the image is taken.

The X-ray energy is a type of radiation dose and this is important to produce the X-Ray images.

Depending on the density of an object, an X-Ray will pass through (skin and muscle) or be absorbed (bones and metal implants). The differences in these densities are what make up an X-ray image.

Diagnostic X-rays have risks as well as benefits. They are only requested when your Doctor requires information needed to treat you. Having an X-Ray procedure will not make you radioactive and it is a safe test to have done. The radiographer will ensure you receive the lowest dose that is reasonably achievable for your Doctors request.