MRI Spine includes cervical spine (neck) and lumbar spine.

When you arrive for your examination, you will be asked to fill out a safety questionnaire.

You will lie in the scanner on a special coil covering the area of your spine which is being imaged. This area needs to be in the centre of the magnet.

  • For a cervical spine (neck) you will go in head first.
  • For a lumbar spine you will go in feet first and depending upon how tall you are your head may be out of or near the entrance of the magnet.

You will be given headphones or earplugs and a buzzer to press if you want to talk to the technologist at any time.

The scan is noisy, but all you have to do is lie still.

On some occasions, a contrast dye (gadolinium) may be required. If this is required the technologist will explain the process. The contrast dye will be administered through a small needle (intravenous cannula) that will be placed in your arm.

Before your Scan

No preparation is required.


A single region MRI spine takes 20-25 mins.