Obstetric Ultrasound is currently utilised as part of routine pregnancy care and is considered a safe examination without any known significant risks to the mother or baby.

Ultrasound can be performed at various stages of the pregnancy and common types of examinations include:

  • Early Pregnancy and Dating (First Trimester)
    The first trimester is considered to be the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound
    A nuchal translucency ultrasound is a specialised examination used to assess for pregnancies that are at an increased risk of a chromosomal abnormality.
  • Morphology Ultrasound (Second Trimester)
    Also known as a 19 – 20 week anatomy or anomaly scan, the morphology is considered to be the standard screening ultrasound exam used as part of the routine obstetric care that all patients should receive.
  • 3rd Trimester / Growth Ultrasound
    In many cases the 2nd Trimester morphology ultrasound may be the final diagnostic scan in your pregnancy but in some cases follow up imaging may be required.