MRI of the female pelvis is a non-invasive examination that obtains high resolution images accessing the internal structures of the female pelvis.

When you arrive for your examination, you will be asked to fill out a safety questionnaire and a form with more clinical information that is used by our Doctors in assessing your individual case.

You will lie in the scanner with a special coil over your pelvis. This area needs to be in the centre of the magnet and you will usually go into the magnet feet first. For many patients your head will be outside of the scanner.

You will be given headphones and a buzzer to press if you want to talk to the technologist at any time.

The scan can noisy, but all you have to do is lie still.

Gynaecological MRI involves the use of a muscle relaxant (buscopan). This is administered through a needle placed in your arm muscles like a vaccination (intramuscular). On some occasions, a contrast dye (gadolinium) may be required. If this is required the technologist will explain the process. The contrast dye will be administered through a small needle (intravenous cannula) that will be placed in an arm vein.

Before your Scan

When making the appointment, you will be instructed to fast from food and water for 6 hours prior to your appointment. If your doctor is looking for adenomyosis you will be given an appointment in the second half of your menstrual cycle (>day 14) to ensure an optimal examination.


Gynaecological MRI takes 30 minutes.