Dr Jones & Partners Medical Imaging aims to provide you with the best possible patient experience. We have developed a vision and adopted values that guide us in achieving this objective.

Dr Jones & Partners Medical Imaging is the provider of choice for all referrers and patients in the communities we serve.

To achieve our vision,  we have identified three key strategies:

  • Our People
    We recognise that our people are both the foundation and strength of our practice.  As such, we recruit, develop and retain the best people to provide the quality service expected by patients and referrers.
  • Patient Experience
    We aim to provide the best possible patient and referrer experience. This objective is forefront for all our people, systems,  equipment and processes. We measure your feedback and seek for continuous improvement in all aspects of your experience.
  • Relationships
    We aim to strengthen existing and build new relationships with GPs, specialists and hospitals.

We believe to achieve our Vision as the medical imaging provider of choice, Dr Jones & Partners Medical Imaging continues to build on our reputation as a partner in research and the translation to clinical practice.

In January 2017, SAHMRI and Dr Jones and Partners Medical Imaging opened the Clinical and Research Imaging Centre (CRIC) as the premier site for advanced imaging in South Australia.

SAHMRI is a globally recognised research institute fostering discovery and collaboration in health care. Building on capabilities at the cell and animal level, the CRIC provides new opportunities for basic and translational human imaging.

Facilities are available at competitive fees to all academic, clinical and industry researchers. If you are seeking Radiology participation for your research please contact us on 8309 2222 or visit the CRIC website.