Our practice and each imaging clinic are led by respected radiologists working with patients and their clinicians to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art imaging, subspecialised expertise and personalised care.

For enquiries regarding working with our team, please contact Dr Tim Wells (Managing Partner) or Kelly Robson on
08 8309 2230 or kelly.robson@drjones.com.au.

Speciality Imaging


Renowned opinions in the neurology, neurosurgical and research communities.

Head & Neck

Specialised radiologists and physicians working closely with surgeons and oncologists.


Adelaide’s most respected team for patients and South Australia’s elite sports teams.

Breast Imaging

Dedicated radiologists in mammography, tomosynthesis, ultrasound, MRI and biopsy.


Innovators in cardiac CT, MRI and myocardial perfusion imaging for clinicians and researchers.

Body & Oncology

Leaders in specialised body and multidisciplinary oncology imaging.


Spinal procedures, biopsy and preeminent expertise in emergency and complex intervention.


State wide services with obstetrician-led high risk and second opinion clinic.

Nuclear Medicine & PET

Pioneers in nuclear medicine, therapy, PET/CT and new isotope imaging.

Our Doctors

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For enquiries regarding doctor employment, please contact Debra Cubit or Kelly Robson on 08 8309 2230 or email debra.cubit@drjones.com.au or kelly.robson@drjones.com.au