When you visit a Dr Jones & Partners clinic your procedure will be managed by a team of highly trained technologists and health care professionals who have a wealth of expertise in medical imaging and are committed to delivering the best possible patient experience.

Our teams specialise in high quality, safe, accurate and efficient radiographic imaging services across all modalities.


Our clinics are led by our radiologist team who control the clinical decision-making to ensure that service delivery is tailored to you and your referring medical practitioner requirements.


Tertiary qualified in Medical Imaging Technology or Diagnostic Medical Radiography our radiographers provide the very best in patient care and operate specialised medical imaging equipment in accordance with professional standards. Our radiologists rely on them to obtain the best quality radiographic image possible to allow accurate diagnosis.


Our sonographers have undergone extensive training after qualifying as a radiographer, to allow them to work with specialised ultrasonography equipment. Working closely with our radiologists they interpret moving images to obtain accurate images of many areas of the body.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Our nuclear medicine technologists are professionally trained health care professionals who have completed a University degree specialising in Nuclear Medicine. They work with nuclear physicians to operate specialised nuclear medicine equipment used to diagnose various conditions.


Our qualified nurses manage the nursing and clinical support requirements of our clinics. They help with patient care and assist our radiologists and technical staff with procedures, exams and tests as required.

Medical Receptionists

Our medical receptionists are committed to delivering high levels of patient care and customer service. Our reception teams will help you book an appointment and provide you with the information you need to ensure your visit to our clinics is safe and pleasant.