Dr Jones & Partners are dedicated to referrer education. We continue to offer education sessions tailored to referrers. Past events are listed below. For further information please contact our Medical Liaison Officers or you can register your interest below.

Past Events

June 23, 2022

The Latest in CT Scanning

With the installation of our new Dual Energy CT scanner in our Whyalla Hospital
clinic now complete, we invite you to an educational dinner.

Come along and hear Dr Shabeer Hassam and radiographer Addison Lands
discuss the Siemen’s X.Cite capabilities including:

  • What is the science behind dual energy CT?
  • How does it benefit you as a referrer and what improvements will you see
    in your reports?
  • How does it provide a better experience for your patients?
  • What are the new tests that I can now request?

October 27, 2021

Aged Care

Australia has an ageing population. This event is to showcase how other specialists can assist you with decisions you make for your older patients every day.




Dr Sandy Patel, Radiologist, Dr Jones & Partners
Dr Alicia Innis, Visiting Geriatrician, Fullarton Specialists
Dr James Hunt, Visiting Gastroenterologist, Fullarton Specialists
Dr Suchi Grover, Visiting Cardiologist, Fullarton Specialists
Dr Rassam Badbess, Visiting Acute General Consultant Physician, Fullarton Specialists
Dr Tom Day, Haematologist, Fullarton Specialists

October 12, 2021

Headaches: vascular and unusual causes

Speakers Dr Marguerite Harding, Neurosurgeon and Dr Steve Chryssidis, Radiologist discuss selecting the most appropriate imaging modality for assessment of headaches/ concerning headache presentations. They will also examine identifying the best treatment strategies and implementing a systematic approach to triage the clinical ‘red flags’ of concerning headaches.

April 13, 2021

Breast Imaging (Alice Springs)

Digital 3D mammography offers the potential advantage of detecting breast cancer where standard digital mammography may be limited by dense breast tissue or overlapping tissues which may hide a lesion.
Speaker: Dr Mary Moss, Radiologist

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